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The Chris and Joe Show: How can the Giants get on track against the Buffalo Bills?

How can the Giants come away with a win in Week 2?

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NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

This week the New York Giants will host the Buffalo Bills in their 2019 home opener. The Giants are looking to get their season on track following a disappointing road loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1.

Many fans have targeted the game against the Bills as a game the Giants should win. But after a week one game in which the Giants’ defense looked lost and the offense put up yards but failed to score points. Neither the Giants nor Giants’ fans should overlook this week’s match-up.

In this week’s preview episode of the Chris And Joe Show we took a look at the Bills’ offense and defense, and broke down what the Giants need to be wary of on each side of the ball.

In this podcast

Offensive gameplan

  • What should be the Giants’ offensive approach?
  • How can the Giants move the ball against the Bills’ defense?
  • A look at the Bills’ secondary
  • Will the offensive line play against the Bills’ front seven?

Defensive gameplan

  • What should be the Giants’ defensive approach?
  • Can Josh Allen exploit the Giants’ secondary like Dak Prescott did?
  • Who do the Giants need to account for on the Bills’ offense?

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