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[Podcast] Expectations and RPOs

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

On the latest episode of the Big Blue View podcast, Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum start by going over some recent articles from Football Outsiders. Over the past few weeks, Football Outsiders has released some 2018 statistics that show how some players performed against expectations given their situations. Those stats and articles include Passing Plus-Minus, Receiving Plus-Minus, and YAC+. Dan and Chris talk about the stats, where some Giants ranked in 2018, and why.

The second half of the episode is an audio version of Summer School, where they break down RPOs, what they are, their effectiveness, how they’ve evolved, and why the Giants should implement them more in 2019.

Last summer, Chris did a written Summer School post on RPOs and how to defend them.

You can listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts, in your browser here, or with the embedded player below.

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