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QB trainer David Morris offers perspective on Eli Manning, Daniel Jones

Morris was Manning’s backup at Ole Miss, and currently trains Duke QB Daniel Jones

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Duke v Miami
Daniel Jones
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

David Morris has a unique perspective on the New York Giants’ quarterback situation. Morris, who runs the QB Country quarterback training school, was a college teammate of Eli Manning at Ole Miss and remains in contact with Manning. The Giants’ QB, in fact, cut a promotional video for Morris’s QB school that can be seen from the site’s home page.

Morris’ star pupil at the moment happens to be a guy some believe could wind up in New York as the successor to ManningDaniel Jones of Duke.

Morris gave Big Blue View a few minutes for the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast. Here are a couple of highlights:

On what he sees from Manning ...

“I see a guy that can play at the highest level. I think he’s as good as he’s ever been and I think he’s a guy that showed that this year at times. There are times he would tell you he wants to play better, but I think he’s got a lot left in the tank. I think he’s in a position where he’s working like he’s going to be playing for the foreseeable future.

“Nothing changes in his mind. I think he’s a guy that’s going to be at it for a while.”

On Jones’ performance at the Senior Bowl, which drew mixed reviews ...

“I thought he got better every day. I thought he had maybe the throw of the day each day and probably the throw of the game.

“I think he showed that he fits in.”

This show also features a couple of other things:

  • Ed’s thoughts on Olivier Vernon.
  • An interview with Drew Boylhart of the draft site The Huddle Report.

Please give the full show a listen below.

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