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Podcast: We really need to talk about the tight end position

The Big Blue Big Board takes on the tight end position

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NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are set at tight end, right?

That was the question, asked after Dan and I got finished recording our review of the Giants’ win over the Washington Redskins, which ultimately resulted in this podcast.

Since our first foray into taking an advance look at the 2019 NFL Draft by talking quarterbacks with Mark Schofield (a podcast which everyone should listen to, and go back and listen to again if you already have. And yes Mark, I FINALLY got Red Dead 2), Dan and I have used our second show every week to talk about college football and the upcoming draft.

This week we decided to take a slightly different track.

As it stands now, the Giants are set at tight end with Evan Engram and Rhett Ellison. But will they be set at the position by the time the 2019 NFL Draft rolls around?

Rhett Ellison will be making nearly $6 million in 2019, and while he is a reliable (though far from scary) receiver, his primary role in the Giants’ offense has been as a blocker. Evan Engram, meanwhile has been used as a glorified safety blanket who has only been productive thanks to his (frankly) insane ability after the catch.

Could the Giants decide to make Ellison a cap casualty as they pursue free agents at other positions? And could Dave Gettleman trade Engram because the Giants’ coaching staff can’t seem to figure out how to use a tight end who isn’t an undersized offensive tackle?

And if so... Then what?

Today we ask those questions.

In this podcast we discuss

  • The state of the tight end position
  • Will Rhett Ellison be a cap casualty?
  • Are the Giants using Evan Engram to his fullest potential?
  • Could the Giants trade Engram?
  • Which tight end prospects might be worth watching if the Giants create a hole for themselves?

- Irv Smith Jr. (Alabama)

- Noah Fant (Iowa)

- T.J. Hockenson (Iowa)

You can listen to the episode in your browser here or in the embedded player below:

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Dan and I will be back early next week to break down the Giants’ game against the Tennessee Titans.

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