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Running down a nutty Stefon Diggs to the Giants trade idea

Diggs would look nice in a Giants’ uniform, but the cost in this proposed trade is ridiculous

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
Stefon Diggs
Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Stefon Diggs would look nice in a New York Giants’ uniform. Connecting him to the Giants is easy because of his prior association from the Buffalo Bills to head coach Brian Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen.

Getting the star wide receiver to the Giants, though, isn’t nearly as easy. Which brings me to a Diggs to the Giants trade proposal by Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report, who has clearly lost his mind.

Moton made the following proposal:

Buffalo Bills receive: DL Dexter Lawrence, 2024 second-rounder (No. 39 overall pick) and fifth-rounder (No. 139 overall pick)

New York Giants receive: WR Stefon Diggs, 2024 sixth-rounder (No. 197 overall pick)


Give 26-year-old Dexter Lawrence, one of the best interior defensive linemen in the game who is coming off back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons, and better draft compensation, to the Bills for the 30-year-old Diggs?


That’s called solving one problem by creating another, perhaps even bigger problem. Yes, the Giants could use a No. 1 wide receiver, and Schoen and Daboll clearly know that Diggs is that.

But at the cost of Lawrence, an in his prime dominant defensive player who has done nothing but get better the past two seasons? And to casually toss in second- and fifth-round picks while getting back just a sixth-rounder?

How, exactly, does this trade make the Giants better? How would they go about replacing Lawrence, a 340-pound unicorn of a defensive tackle?

Clearly, Moton does not understand how good Lawrence is. Or how to actually make the Giants better.

Diggs would certainly be a good addition to the Giants. Not, though, at a price like this.