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Are lengthy DC search, coaching staff turnover troubling signs for New York Giants?

They won’t be if the Giants win enough games in 2024

Syndication: The Record Kevin R. Wexler / USA TODAY NETWORK

New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen told Sirius XM NFL Radio last week that the Giants would be “patient” in their search for a defensive coordinator to replace Wink Martindale.

“If it takes a little bit longer, it takes a little bit longer. We’re going to be patient with it,” Schoen said, while admitting that he was hopeful the search would have concluded last week. “We’re going to take our time and continue to find the best person for the job.”

It is apparent, though, that the Giants did not really intend to take this long.

Reading between the lines of Schoen’s comments about timing, and moves that were made last week, it seems apparent the Giants’ top two candidates were Dennard Wilson of the Baltimore Ravens and Bobby Babich of the Buffalo Bills.

Wilson, thought by many to be the Giants’ top choice, chose the defensive coordinator job with the Tennessee Titans. At least part of the reason for that was said to be concern about head coach Brian Daboll’s job security. Tennessee just hired a rookie coach in Brian Callahan, meaning there is likely a two- to three-year runway with the Titans.

After Babich interviewed with the Giants, the Bills kept him away from New York by promoting him to become their defensive coordinator.

Jordan Ranaan of ESPN reported Monday morning that the Giants have “recalibrated” in their search. Ranaan also confirmed the notion that “there was some concern from candidates given that Brian Daboll and this regime enter Year 3 with pressure to show progress off a disappointing season.”

Former Cleveland Browns CEO and Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner took to X to raise alarm bells about the goings-on with the Giants. He wrote:

Unless they are hiring someone from a SB team, this is nuts. Lots of warning signs about this front office, but no one seems to notice. Blinded by surprise good year, mostly achieved with inherited players.

I don’t know if I would describe the situation as “nuts.” Are there really “warning signs” about the front office? Not sure about that, either. I also think the “inherited players” remark is off base. It isn’t entirely true, and the Daboll-led staff got far more from those inherited players than Joe Joe Judge or Pat Shurmur had.

I do believe the offseason to date has not been a good look for the Giants. The defection of tight ends coach Andy Bischoff to the Los Angeles Chargers makes eight 2023 assistant coaches (out of 26, by my count, including strength and conditioning) who won’t be with the team in 2024. That number might easily be nine if the Giants had given Mike Kafka permission to interview with the Seattle Seahawks for their offensive coordinator position.

Either way, that’s a big number. And the idea that Kafka would leave if he could, if that is indeed the case, isn’t good, either.

Is the turnover, and the length of time it is taking to find a defensive coordinator, a troubling sign for the Schoen-Daboll regime? Maybe. Is it also a sign that all of the chatter about Daboll’s volatility, no matter how accurate, has damaged his perception around the league? Again, maybe.

There will undeniably be some heat on Daboll, and maybe on Schoen, in 2024. All of this winter turmoil — the coaching staff, the Saquon Barkley situation, the quarterback conundrum — will be forgotten if the Giants win a significant number of games in 2024.

If they don’t? Maybe all of this becomes ammunition for ownership to make changes.