BBV Pick em Super Bowl

Apologies lads. Tired, lazy, mixed a chunk of apathy = delay.



Facts Rav, Buf, 49 2 9
DrCoco 49ers, KC, Rav X 0 7
G_Fan_70 X 1 5
LTL Lion, KC, 49 2 8
GraciesDad Lion, Bill, 49 2 9
PJ X 1 8
Clay Lion, Bill, 49 1 9
RGVcuse Lion, Bill, 49 2 9
G-man_fan Lion, Bill, 49 1 8
TH94 Lion, Bill, RavX 0 6
Kolner Lion, Bill, 49 1 8
Pockets X 4
Pugs X 1 8
Trout Lion, KC, 49 1 9
Aussie X Bill 1 10
Blu logic X Bucc 6
afan X 1 9
Z Lion, TB, 49 1 5
RevRoadie X 4
ToneDeafJames X 7
BBWC86 X 1 3

This week – Super Bowl

Chiefs vs 49ers

LTL and Trout have picked both. I am forcing their hand to the 49ers, since everyone else is going to be going Chiefs. Sorry fellas, someone needs to back the 9ers.

Props that count toward points totals so (nearly) everyone is in the points.

Half Time/Full Time

1st team scorer

1st score method (FG, RushTD, PassTD, Safety)

Total TDs.

Gatorade colour

As per usual if there is a prop that you want to put out in the world, post it with your stuff.

Enjoy the game, tell us what you're up to. I have to work.

Check your scores, get your picks in & have a good week.



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