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2024 NFL Draft watch: 6-11 Giants hold the No. 6 overall pick

The Giants just slip out of the top five

Syndication: The Record Danielle Parhizkaran/ / USA TODAY NETWORK

The New York Giants will hold the No. 6 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft after finishing with a 6-11 record.

The Giants finished a nightmarish season with a 27-10 victory on Sunday over the Philadelphia Eagles, who began pulling starters after the Giants jumped out to a big lead. The win could have dropped the Giants from fifth overall down to eighth overall, but they got some help thanks to victories by the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans.


The Giants are fifth in overall draft capital, holding picks 6, 39, 47, 70, 107, 139, and 184.

The last time the Giants held the sixth overall pick, they used it to select Daniel Jones out of Duke. The Giants could select a quarterback again, though they might need to trade up to do so with the Patriots and Commanders above them.

The decision to start Tyrod Taylor has been a revelation for the Giants’ offense, and their offense as a whole has simply functioned better with him in the lineup. His play may have shown why — in addition to Daniel Jones’ injury concerns and contract — the Giants could look to acquire a new quarterback.

Taylor’s ability to throw the deep ball opened the offense up, allowing the Giants’ athletic skill position players to shine while preventing opposing defenses from sitting on the underneath passes that previously defined the offense. Likewise, his experience and pocket presence helped out an injured and shuffling offensive line. Taylor’s sack rate was significantly lower than that of Jones or Tommy DeVito, and sacks weren’t drive-killers for the Giants. The Giants could look to add a young quarterback who brings those same qualities for Brian Daboll to develop — and perhaps with a higher ceiling than Taylor.

The Giants have plenty of work to do elsewhere, like continuing to build their offensive line and finding a true No. 1 receiver. Likewise, they’ll need to answer looming questions on the defensive side of the ball.

Of course, there’s still a long way until April 25th and we’ll have plenty of time to analyze all of the Giants’ options. And on that note, we’ll be publishing scouting reports starting this week.