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The Giants 2024 opponents are now known

The Giants’ opponents are set thanks to the Texans win on Saturday night

Indianapolis Colts v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

There’s still one game left to be played in the 2023 season, but we now know the New York Giants opponents for the 2024 season.

Thanks to the Houston Texans’ win over the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday night, the Giants’ future opponents have fallen into place. The NFC East will be playing the AFC North and NFC South next year. And, as the third place team in the NFC East, the Giants will play the third place teams in the NFC North, NFC West, and the AFC South (Indianapolis Colts).

And, obviously, the Giants will have their annual games against the rest of the NFC East.

Home opponents

Away opponents

The presence of the AFC North on the 2024 schedule makes it a daunting one for the Giants. Likewise, the Colts have shown remarkable improvement this year and were on the verge of the playoffs despite Gardner Minshew playing most of the year for an injured Anthony Richardson.

The schedule itself has yet to be released, and won’t be for some time. However, the split of home and road games does the Giants a couple favors. While they do have to go on the road to face the Seahawks, the Giants will be home for their tougher match-ups against the NFC South (Saints and Buccaneers). They’ll also host the Ravens and Bengals, two teams that boast potent offenses and MVP caliber quarterbacks.