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NFL Week 18 picks: Any takers for a Giant upset of the Eagles?

Giants could spoil Eagles’ NFC East title hopes

We have reached the final weekend of the 2023-24 NFL regular season. Can the New York Giants finish with an upset of the Philadelphia Eagles? Bet on this week’s slate of NFL games at DraftKings Sportsbook, and find out what your Big Blue View staff members think in our Week 18 NFL predictions.

Rivka Boord

Despite the close contest in the last game, I just won’t pick the Giants against the Eagles.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 148-91 (61.9%)

Chris Pflum

I might be giving the Giants the kiss of death with this pick. After all, the Eagles out-man them at almost every position, they actually have something to play for. And all a decent team needs to do to beat the Giants is just play a clean game. However, I would have no faith that the Eagles are going to play a clean game, and they’ll make enough mistakes for the Giants to capitalize. Likewise, they could once again be without some of their best players on both sides of the ball due to injury.

There’s also been too much talk of resting starters for me to feel comfortable that the Giants would get anything like their opponents’ best. An unsatisfying win over an opponent that isn’t really trying and potentially sabotages their draft position feels like the right note for the Giants’ season to end on.

Pick: Giants
Season: 115-80 (58.9%)

Tony DelGenio

We don’t know how many starters will play for Philadelphia this Sunday. We do know that the existing starters have been stinking up the joint the past month or so. Brian Daboll says he plans to approach the game like any other game and not just play rookies and down-the-roster players. A Giants win wouldn’t shock me, but the Eagles have so much more talent that they’ll still find a way to win.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 156-99 (61.2%)

Valentine’s View

As much as I would like to see the Giants upset Philly and kill any hopes the Eagles have of winning the NFC East, I don’t see it. Even struggling as they are the Eagles are better than the Giants. I don’t know if Philly will rest starters at this point, but they really could use the game to get right before the playoffs. I suspect that is what they will try to do.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 168-88 (65.6%)