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2024 Shrine Bowl practice report: Christian Mahogany, Malik Washington star on Day 1

Big guard, small receiver were the stars of the show

NCAA Football: Virginia at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of practices for the 2024 East-West Shrine Bowl are in the book.

This is the first of two All Star games this week (the Reese’s Senior Bowl will take place later on), and the first opportunity for many prospects to strut their stuff for NFL coaches as well as meet with teams.

In a change from previous years, the All-Star games aren’t just seniors and for the first time have been opened up to underclassmen.

And as we’ve mentioned before, the New York Giants have a presence on both the East and West teams this year. Offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and offensive assistant Angela Baker are the head coach and tight ends coach (respectively) for the West team. New special teams coordinator Mike Ghobrial will be the special teams coordinator for the East team.

Today the East team will took the field first in the early practice, with the West team going second. The order will switch for Sunday’s practice.

Early practice (East team)

We highlighted Boston College guard Christian Mahogany in our Players To Watch, and so far he certainly seems to be worth watching. Mahogany is one of the biggest name players to attend this year’s Shrine Bowl and he showed why he’s well regarded in the first practice.

Frankly, it looks like Mahogany stole the show this morning.

Mahogany was the story from the East team practice, but he also gave Oregon State running back Deshaun Fenwick opportunities to show his stuff.

Late practice (West team)

Another highlighted player showed up on the practice field today, as Virginia receiver Malik Washington made waves in the West team’s first practice. Washington lead the FBS in receptions and was fourth in yards this year, and he’s building on that resume at the Shrine Bowl.

It’s certainly notable that he’s doing this for Mike Kafka’s team at the Shrine Bowl. Malik Washington bears a close resemblance to Wan’Dale Robinson in frame and game, so it’ll be interesting to see if the Giants show interest. They haven’t shown a hesitation to double down on useful skillsets before, and perhaps that could be a vote in the Virginia receiver’s favor.

But Malik Washington wasn’t the only receiver named Washington making plays, and USC’s Tahj Washington had a highlight catch toward the end of practice.

We might also want to pay attention to South Dakota State guard Mason McCormick. He was reportedly impressive during the West team practices, and could be an option as a late-round pick for the Giants.

And finally, we have an “All Name Team” showdown with Steele Chambers in coverage on Frank Gore Jr.

(Yes, that Frank Gore, and he was in attendance to watch his son practice.)