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Is there any reason for Giants to keep Shane Lemieux?

Oft-injured, ineffective offensive lineman headed to free agency

New York Giants vs Detroit Lions
Shane Lemieux
Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

New York Giants offensive lineman Shane Lemieux is headed to free agency this offseason. If he leaves the Giants, will anyone even notice that the perennially injured Lemieux is gone?

Reasons to keep him

Not to be mean, but I can’t think of one. Somebody help me out. Maybe the fact that Lemieux can, theoretically, play guard and center. That’s all I have.

Reasons to let him go

Hmm, this one isn’t hard:

  • A 32.2 Pro Football Focus grade (16.9 as a pass blocker) in 2020.
  • One game (17 snaps) played before landing on IR in 2021.
  • One game (39 snaps) played before landing on IR in 2022.
  • Four games (one start, 91 snaps) played before landing on IR in 2023.

Three times in his career, Lemieux has graded 34.3 or below. In 2021, his 69.0 grade included just 17 snaps. Granted, the last three season include teeny weeny sample sizes.

The verdict

Move on. Lemieux has not been able to stay on the field. On the rare occasions he has played, he hasn’t been good. There is no evidence that Lemieux can be part of the solution on a Giants’ offensive line that must get better.