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Special teamer Cam Brown probably moving on from Giants

Brown never developed into useful defensive player

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
Cam Brown
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

We have already looked at reasons to keep or let go special teamer/linebacker Carter Coughlin. Here, we entertain a similar question with a similar player — special teamer/linebacker Cam Brown.

Reasons to keep him

Ever since the Giants drafted the athletic Brown out of Penn State in Round 6 of the 2020 NFL Draft, he has been one of the Giants’ most useful and dynamic special teams players. He has played 80% or more of the Giants’ special teams snaps in each of his four seasons.

Like Coughlin, he plays on five of the six special teams groups — with field goal/extra point being the only one he is not part of.

The value of special teams play might make it worth considering keeping Brown on a one-year, veteran minimum type contract. I can’t see a scenario where the Giants would bring both Brown and Coughlin back. I can see a scenario where one is brought back to compete for a roster spot.

Reasons to let him go

First of all, Brown seems to expect to move on.

Much like Coughlin, the issue with Brown is that his athleticism has never translated into usefulness as a defensive player. He played 93 defensive snaps (9%) as a rookie in 2020, and only 14 total defensive snaps (0 in 2023) since.

Special teams are important, but it is hard to justify keeping players on the roster you are hesitant to use otherwise.

The verdict

Let him go. As with Coughlin, that roster spot could go to someone who has the possibility of being used as a defensive player.