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Giants news, 1/25: Eli Manning on Daniel Jones and Brian Daboll, plus some Saquon Barkley chatter

New York Giants headlines for Thursday

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

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More Giants headlines

Eli Manning still believes in Daniel Jones as Giants’ starter: ‘He has the mindset’ - The Athletic

“He had a rough start (to last year),” said Manning, the former Giants QB, who mentioned he saw Jones a few times last week and that he’s been in the training room. “A lot of quarterbacks have had it. Obviously with the injuries, it’s not fun, but I know he’s determined. I know he wants to be in New York. It’s not an easy place to play but he has the mindset. He has the mentality. I know he’ll do everything possible to get back and to get back to playing at a high level.”

Would Saquon Barkley be better off leaving Giants? 34 thoughts on 34 offensive players - The Athletic

It’s noble that Barkley wants to spend his entire career with the Giants. But he should recognize that winning would be the best thing for his legacy. As of now, Barkley is the face of a bleak period in Giants’ history. Barkley’s production dipped last season, and it’s hard to imagine a major bounce-back as a 27-year-old on an offense with so many holes. Signing elsewhere as a finishing piece on a championship contender seems like the best way for Barkley to burnish his image.

Eli Manning: Brian Daboll must stay himself after rough Giants’ season

“With coach Coughlin, he understood, made some changes, I think it was because he knew he had great leadership in a lot of guys who had been around for a number of years, been used to his system and he could let us take over some of that leadership responsibilities with the team,’’ Manning said Tuesday at a Guiding Eyes for the Blind event at the Penn Club in Manhattan. “Daboll, hey, you got to be yourself though, you got to coach the only way you know how to coach and I think he does a good job, and you can’t let one tough season impact the way you’re gonna be or the way you’re gonna coach.’’

Why Saquon Barkley may need to leave Giants to reach his ceiling

Barkley is an impending free agent, just as he was at this time a year ago.

Back then, the vibe was that it made far more sense for both sides for Barkley to return with the Giants coming off a winning season and a playoff victory and Barkley having produced a career-high 1,312 rushing yards in the 2022 season.

Those vibes feel different this time around.

McCaffrey needed to get out of Carolina to fulfill his promise. Perhaps Barkley needs to do the same and leave the Giants behind.

Giants need to go get Gabriel Davis if they have the chance

This was a bit of a down year for Davis. It wasn’t bad (45 catches, 746 yards, seven touchdowns), it just wasn’t the breakout many expected. He was better in 2022 when he caught 48 passes for 836 yards and seven touchdowns. Some of this likely had to do with quarterback Josh Allen still favoring Stefon Diggs (team-high 107 targets), the development of first-round pick tight end Dalton Kincaid (73 targets) and the overall sluggish start to Buffalo’s year that ultimately led to the firing of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey.

Still, they don’t make many like Davis. He’s 6-2, 210 and just entering the prime of his career at 24 years old. He’s averaged more than 15.7 yards per catch every year he’s been in the NFL, highlighted by a 17.4 mark in 2022.

There’s no doubt the Bills would love to keep Davis, even after his outburst with those who attended the loss to the Chiefs. They drafted him in the fourth round. They developed him. He’s a weapon on an offense that, as long as Allen is under center, will be as deadly as any in the NFL. The issue is the Bills’ flexibility to do just that.

Perfect Giants 2024 NFL Draft plan: Add weapon for Daniel Jones, build up defense, more ways to ace next class -

Check out this 7-round draft haul for the Giants.

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NFL All-Rookie Team: C.J. Stroud and other 2023 draft picks who excelled this season - The Athletic

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