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2024 NFL Draft prospect profile: Javion Cohen, OG, Miami

Could Cohen be a value pick for the Giants?

Clemson v Miami Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The New York Giants still have work to do on their offensive line. They’re obviously set at left tackle and hope to be set at center, but they have questions everywhere else.

Not only do they need to get better play from the players on the roster, but GM Joe Schoen also admitted that the team needs to do develop young players. If they believe that they’ve got the right coach to foster growth in their younger linemen, the Giants could look to invest in a high upside guard who can provide depth and eventually take a starting job.

If so, Javion Cohen of Miami could be on the Giants’ radar. Cohen arrived in Miami in 2023 after starting his career in Alabama. He was the Crimson Tide’s left guard for two years, culminating in second team All-SEC honors in 2022. He took a bit of a step back last year in Miami, but his ceiling remains high.

Could Cohen regain his Alabama form and be a hidden gem for the Giants?

Prospect: Javion Cohen (70)
Games Watched: vs. LSU (2022 - with Alabama), vs. Texas A&M (2023 - with Miami), vs. North Carolina (2023), vs. Clemson (2023)


Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 305 pounds


  • Athleticism
  • Versatility
  • Play strength
  • Competitive toughness

Cohen is a competitive, versatile, athletic, and powerful guard prospect. Cohen has lined up exclusively at left guard over the course of his career, playing the position exclusively at both Alabama and Miami.

Cohen measures a bit tall and on the light side for a guard at 6-foot-4, 305 pounds, but he plays like a much bigger blocker – in a good way.

He generally plays with good leverage, bending his knees to lower his hip and pad level, allowing him to get under defenders’ pads. He also has impressive thickness and strength in both his upper and lower halves. Cohen is able to absorb bull rushes, anchor against power, or drive defenders off the ball when he plays with good leverage. He’s also an athletic blocker who’s able to move laterally and mirror speed on the interior. Cohen has quick feet, which allow him to move laterally while keeping his feet ready to deliver or receive blows. He’s also very quick to work to the second level off of combo blocks or to get in space as a pulling guard or blocker on screens.

Cohen is a reliable pass protector with good awareness and solid hand usage. He typically isn’t surprised by stunts or twists, or late pressure. He not only gets good extension to pick up and pass off defenders, he also has a powerful grip and good core strength when he latches on.

Finally, Cohen plays with a defined nasty streak. He routinely looks to finish with the defender on the ground and seems to relish delivering hits when he’s able to block linebackers or defensive backs in the open field. He’s also very competitive once engaged and works to re-anchor or lose slowly if he’s initially beaten.


  • Lower body fluidity
  • Leverage consistency

Cohen has several persistent issues with his game.

The first seems to be limited fluidity in his lower body. He has great agility and very quick feet for a 300-pound man, and has the movement skills to execute a variety of blocking schemes. However there seems to be stiffness throughout his lower half, which shows up in a couple areas. He doesn’t really open his hips when vacating his position as a puller and is instead more mechanical. That can upset his balance as he navigates the trash around the line of scrimmage.

Likewise, he can allow his knees to straighten or base to narrow if he needs to move quickly to meet athletic defenders and compromise his leverage. That, in turn, can lead to him dipping his head and lunging into defenders to try and compensate for rising hips.

Cohen may also have some issues with endurance. His athleticism encouraged both Miami and Alabama to frequently use him as a pulling guard, have him climb to the second level, or use him as a blocker on screens. That, however, seemed to take a lot out of him over the course of a game and his play speed seemed to wane at times. That could be related to the stiffness in his lower half, and developing greater fluidity (if that’s possible for him) could lead to easier and more efficient movement.

Game Tape


Cohen has a real chance to become a starting guard in the NFL. He has the scheme diversity to play for any offense, with enough power for down-hill rushing attacks as well as the athleticism to play in zone schemes. Coaches will like the competitiveness with which he plays as well.

He’ll need to play with more consistency to secure a starting job, however. The instances where he lunges or loses his leverage will be readily exploited by defenders at the NFL level. That said, his good plays are enticing and show that he has high upside waiting to be unlocked. Cohen has the potential to be a good starting guard in the NFL, if he can reach his ceiling.

Does he fit the Giants?
Yes, though there’s bust potential if he’s selected too highly.

Final Word: A late Day 2 or early Day 3 value