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Giants news, 9/29: Andrew Thomas, Daniel Jones, more

New York Giants news for Saturday

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

From Big Blue View

Other Giant observations

After 49ers bash Daniel Jones, it begs question: Why does Giants QB get so much hate? | The Athletic
Criticism from fans and media comes with the territory as a QB. What’s different for Jones is how willing peers are to take jabs at him.

Giants Daniel Jones refuses to fire back at 49ers | Here’s how teammates felt about shots at their QB -
Some of Jones’ teammates were not amused by the 49ers’ postgame shots at the quarterback.

“D.J. is a tough guy,” wide receiver Isaiah Hodgins said. “He doesn’t need people telling him, ‘You got this, don’t believe what they say,’ but naturally as a teammate some people are going to go up to him and say stuff like that. You could call it a cheap shot or a low blow. We don’t believe any of the comments they were saying and I think to D.J. that’s what matters the most. They’re going to say what they say and D.J. is a tough player. He’s going to battle through it and he’s going to bounce back.”

‘Writing on the wall’ for Sterling Shepard with curious Giants decision | New York Post

“The writing is really on the wall, man,’’ he said. “It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I just know I got to be ready. Being in this game, this is my eighth season, been around a lot so you kind of know every different situation that can come about. I’ve seen it the other way around where guys get into a pissed-off attitude and their number’s called and they’re not ready. My mindset is not letting that happen and just staying ready and being patient. There’s nothing else for me to do. Me moaning about it ain’t really gonna do anything.’’

Giants’ Leonard Williams thinks 49ers’ lineman should be fined for cheap shot on his teammate
Williams was far more upset with a play near the end of the third quarter that left second-year defensive tackle D.J. Davidson with an injured elbow, a play he did not until he saw it on film.

“I hope (Brendel) is fined for that,” Williams said. “That was worse than what Trent Williams did to A’Shawn. A’Shawn had his helmet on, so he didn’t even feel the punch. What happened to D.J. was a cheap shot....I’m glad that was on Twitter so people could see it."

Kayvon Thibodeaux has more than just sacks on his mind | New York Post
Kayvon Thibodeaux is hoping his sack against the 49ers in the loss last Thursday will spark more production from the defensive end.

“I think the first one is big,’’ Thibodeaux said. “It helps take the pressure off you and you can go out there and play. But for me, there’s still the pressure of playing well in the run game and playing well in the pass, dropping back in coverage and doing the things I can to contribute to a team win.

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