K Thibedouce (sp)

I would trade this guy and suffer the embarrassment -what great draft pick.....ooh and draft capital is important!!....we sat through so much media on the greatness of, too..... I just wish (like Toney) they would do a psyche check....scope the lid of a few of these guys before they draft. goodness...The man achieved a weak sack (fullback semi-blocked him then he moved to centre of the field and there was the QB...a two yard sack) and then, and after 2 games of zilch, he has his 'sack dance all prepared).....throw this guy!

Jaylen Hyatt may be going the same way...but he has talent. His preseason touchdown...and then has a Buddha pose already to go.....all jet, no pilot.....yeah, that's what I want on my team to win a superbowl....and maybe a few Bill castoffs!

And we can go as far back as 'smoke a joint Reeves' (RIP) as to when we haven''t had an O-line.

Finally, Wink the " ", needs to realize every team is doing a 2-step drop and throwing the ball outside of the devastating rush we have....not unlike Arizona if you watched that game. He has got to mix it up with zone blitzes, cover 1 and safety blitzes...... he is doing this but, like Kafka's calling, it is a little stale throughout the game

So there, I have had my say!.......year after year

P.s. It is still a country club in Dallas!

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