Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

  • Not sure who thought starting Lemieux, who had played 56 snaps since 2020, was a good idea but it was not. Realize Glowinski has not played well but the Niners defensive front is a buzzsaw and it was not the time to have a modest player knocking off rust.
  • Completely whiffed on McKethan. Didn't think he was stellar but also didn't expect a PFF grade in the 20's. Hard to believe he was worse than Lemieux.
  • if Ezeudu was truly this bad, why not give Peart a shot? We want to rotate players all over the line but won't substitute for a guy having a poor game? Not quite sure why they have Peart on the roster if they don't intend to use him under any circumstances.
  • Waller got a lot of heat for his performancet. He didn't play well but one pass was well over his 6'6" head and behind him as he was running in the opposite direction. The interception was defended well. He needs to be more assertive catching but it wasn't brutal. He also seems to have lost some athleticism and don't expect it to improve as the season progresses.
  • The Bosa sack is just absurd and don't understand it at all. How could anyone expect Bellinger, who was lined up on Bosa's outside shoulder, to make that block? Bosa, who is a much better athlete, was lined up like a sprinter, and Bellinger had to move laterally to block him. Did they practice this successfully against Jihad Ward and think it would work against Bosa?
  • Matt Breida is a good player and should have gotten more than 7 touches.
  • Pinnock seems to be a situational player and not a starting caliber NFL Safety.
  • If Dexter and LW had 90 scores and the Giants OL scores averaged in the 20's, what were the SF D-line scores? Scores in the 90's is Aaron Donald territory. Didn't see that from either guy.
  • Holmes remains me a lot of Grant Haley.
  • Jackson had a subpar game. Not sure what plays he made, seen or unseen, to make up for the obvious poor ones.
  • Jihad Ward is not a good player.
  • Simmons is a great player in space but don't believe I've seen him make a play where he shed a block or made a form tackle. It's still early.
  • Okereke hasn't played well at all. He may still be working into this defense, and he may be a reasonable pass defender, but he makes too many downfield tackles for a guy who is paid to make plays.
  • Hawkins is a really good athlete and has the right physical traits but he's not fully baked and ready for this level of competition every week. Just because he's an athlete, doesn't make him a prodigy.
  • Saw two distinct plays form Thibs this week. The robot dance following his sack after being blocked by air. Saw Trent Williams literally just push him away on a pass rush attempt. It was like a backyard family Thanksgiving game where a 25 year old "blocks" his 12 year old cousin.
  • The Giants don't have any plug in veteran backups for either the OL or secondary. Suspect Schoen prefers having younger guys that may turn out to be a hidden gem than a veteran (Remmers/Newhouse/Moreau) who is in the journeyman part of his career.

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