Is Parris Cambell the slowest 4.3 timed runner ever?

This guy stinks. Robinson/Hyatt should be the primary slot going forward. Also Micah McFadden and DJ Davidson were the best Giants on the field last night, along with the P/K, and both seem to really have a nice future. I don't care about the playoffs this year. I just want to see this team fight and get better to where next year, they can be labeled a Super Bowl contender.

Kayvon played well last night, and Neal still struggled but I am not ready to give up on him, Remember when all the people on this board said Thomas was bust because of his rookie PFF stats? They have to develop the passing game. Daboll has to take more shots down the field and also at the same time get rid of the ball a little faster. I don't feel as bad after this game, as I did after the Cowboy game.

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