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Giants injuries: Banks, Davidson leave game, questionable to return

Barkley’s injury is a bit different than initially reported

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley confirmed Thursday evening that the injury he suffered in Week 2 was a high ankle sprain, as opposed to the low ankle sprain that was originally reported.

Defensive tackles Rakeem Nunez-Roches and D.J. Davidson left the field with the Giants’ training staff on back-to-back plays. While Nunez-Roches came back into the game, Davidson was ruled questionable to return with an elbow injury.

Rookie Cornerback Deonte Banks is questionable to return with an arm injury.

Barkley told Taylor Rooks of NFLonPrime that while the injury is a high ankle sprain, it’s “not as bad as it could have been”. He also added that the decision to not play vs. the San Francisco 49ers is more of a “pain tolerance” issue.

A high ankle sprain, which is when the ligaments connecting the tibia and fibula just above the ankle joint are torn or stretched, is generally considered to be a more severe injury than a low ankle sprain.

The low ankle sprain (when the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are stretched or torn by the foot rolling) is more common.

Barkley suffered the injury in his right ankle, the same one in which he suffered a high ankle sprain in 2019, as well as a low ankle sprain in 2021. High ankle sprains are typically treated with a walking boot and then a brace once the injury heals enough that the pain is manageable. High ankle sprains can need surgery to repair, usually if the injury isn’t healing with time and therapy.

Barkley — and the Giants — are clearly hoping that he’ll be out of the boot and able to play next week against the Seattle Seahawks.

We’ll bring you all the news regarding Barkley’s, and the rest of the Giants’, injuries as we get it.