Trade Thibideaux for RT?

We aren’t out of the woods yet on the OL. One can hoped the mixup and reignited offense holds strong, but reality says the Giants OL is not closed to fixed.

Kayvon Thibideaux has shown he’s unhappy with his utilization. We’ve seen him taking plays off all summer, and Winks comments were clearly directed at his lack of desire to play the system.

Doesn’t mean Kayvon is bad, we’ve seen his potential. I was frankly surprised Schoen took Kayvon knowing Winks system doesn’t prioritize star pass rushers. It felt like Schoen being either too long term vision, to when Wink isn’t here, or prioritizing value over system needs.

i think trading a guy like Thibs is hard, because it makes other teams think he’s not as good as he is. The reality is, Kayvon is worth a starting RT from another team. If Kayvon can get out of his own head he may be worth two first round picks.

Ultimately, we do need a pass rush, but Wink doesn’t need stars, he needs soldiers. So do we really want to waste Kayvon’s career when we could get something better?

Would you trade Thibs for a starting RT? For a chance to fix this OL once and for all?

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