Keys to a 49ers upset win

I am assuming no Saquon Thursday and likely no Andrew Thomas either.

1. Roll with the same OL

2. Spread em out on offense, use 4 WR / 2 TE and limited / no RBs.

The 49ers best group is their front 7, so force Greenlaw off the field and let Warner or Hufanga cover Waller. I assume the other would spy Jones. Let's see what we can do with Campbell / Robinson running sweeps and Jones scrambling as our running game. Gets Hyatt and Shep on the field more and gives us a shot at causing chaos with something unconventional.

On Defense - we need KT and Ojulari to step up. We are going to get crushed on the ground. We need to get to Purdy whenever they pass. I am expecting to give up 30+ points pretty easily. I think this is an Isiah Simmons game going against Deebo and Kittle. Leo also needs to show up. I think we can keep their boundary WR in check and need to pick our poison with McCaffrey / Deebo / Kittle. I expect a bunch of multiple S / Isiah Simmons packages on passing down. Hopefully we can dial up some blitzes

Lets hope for the best and the 10 days rest gets AT and Saquon back and healthy for MNF vs. Seattle

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