IS ALL THE TURMOIL ABOUT Evan Neal about 2023 or 2024?

After reading every post about Evan Neal, ....

Nobody could be worse and I like Neal! Until last Sunday nite I still believed Evan would still be a VERY GOOD tackle! ...(and maybe he could still be, ...some day )

BUT BEFORE the 2024 free agency, draft and the next season, ... the Giants need to know if we have 3 very good starting caliber offensive lineman out of the 5 needed, ....or just 2 (THOMAS and JMS assuming he progresses) Evan just might be the 3rd ! (but as a Guard)

That brings us to Evan Neal who I already said MIGHT still one day be a good tackle. However for me it's most important to determine if he can be good enough to be a starter ANYWHERE on the OL! If Evan stays at RT and does not improve enough, do you really want to wait until AFTER 2024 FA period, draft to try him at guard? What if he can't .... Big problem!

Move him to RG (or LG) now ...( or let him practice a few weeks first?) ....and give him the benefit of grading him on a curve due to him "learning in the line of fire!" But we will know if he can start, or not. He did play very well at Guard as a freshman at Alabama, As for who plays RT? It's less important than learning if Evan is starting caliber NFL OLman, ...or just a backup! Do we need to fill 2 OL spots or 3 in FA and or draft.

Maybe put Evan next to THOMAS and move BREDESON to RG? Thomas' experience helps Neal, ...Bredeson maybe gives more help to RT (whoever!) than Neal got from Glowinski? But all that is secondary to finding out if Evan is or is not a starting guard! If he is not, ...than he isn't and wasn't going to be a RT.

HEY, I know this is not the optimum time to be screwing around with our OL, but after ten years of poor play, ...I don't want to start 2024 ....... well if you start next year believing Neal is a good nfl guard without seeing him there, your assuming alot. Please find out this year. It's not like the OL is going to be worse by "tinkering" with it now! It might better, and clarify!

I'm not a "tank the season" guy, every game to win! But let's be real. What is better. ...

If we go 7-10 or 4-13 re: draft position (not that will actually help, lol) But we're back in the pre draft discussion that we at bbv have gotten used to.

OF NOTE* I can't remember who said it but, .... he mentioned the coaching and OL. Why regression has occurred with Kevin Zietler! Pro Bowl before he came here, barely adequate for us, ....and pro bowl after he leaves. He mentioned another one who regressed .... Is this a "thing" for us? OL coaching? Or was Zeitler a victim of being between a bad RT and center?

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