New York Giants Official Anthem and Online Slots Background Music: Where's the Connection?

New York Giants Official Anthem

New York Giants Official Anthem

Music can be used in many aspects of life to communicate information, heighten senses and emotions, and so much more. It can help set the mood and make people feel more comfortable with their surroundings when used correctly.

Whether it's a sports anthem sung at stadiums around the world or the background audio you can hear as you spin the reels in your favourite online slot machine, there will always be a connection between the music and the person listening to it. Let's dive straight in to discover why music is so important.

Why does music play such an important role in life?

When people sing their favourite sports team's anthem in a stadium, it can help those fans engage with other like-minded supporters around them and create a connection between the fans and the players.

It can also help individual players or entire teams stay focused and be more determined to win or at least help change the current situation the team may find itself in. When you next attend a New York Giants match, for example, watch as the crowd all join in to sing their team's anthem. It's quite a magical experience.

The same can be said of sports fans anywhere else in the world who sing their team's anthem. Music is extremely important, whether it's 50,000 people singing the same song in unison or just a lone drummer beating his drum to a steady beat. It can have a huge effect on the atmosphere.

Music is everywhere, and even the online casino game development studios and software providers that specialise in making feature-rich online slot machines pay careful attention to the type of music they add to their games.

Which online casino slot machines have the best background music?

You can now find thousands of online slot machines with great music from more than 150 market-leading online casino software providers and smaller independent game development studios.

In many of their slots, you can hear some amazing scores and equally brilliant sound effects that can massively enhance the experience of playing them. The quirky sound effects, such as bells ringing when you land a big win, can also heighten your winning experience.

Some companies that make online slots have even obtained the necessary licenses to include hit songs from various major rock bands or movies, which you can hear play along in the background when you hit the spin button.

There are several feature-packed slots from various providers that feature iconic songs. Some of these games are more widely available than others, and you must be at least 18 years old to play them. They include the following hit titles:

● Motörhead online slot machine. This famous slot features hit tracks from Motörhead, such as Killed by Death, Ace of Spades, Iron Fist, and Overkill. It was made by NetEnt

● ZZ Top: Roadside Riches online slot machine. In this game, which is brought to you by Play'n GO, you get to listen to several iconic ZZ Top songs

● Spinal Tap online slot machine. This game was made by Blueprint Gaming, and it includes snippets of Spinal Tap's most famous tracks

● The Phantom of the Opera online slot machine. A lot of powerful music plays along in the background as you play this game, which was made by Microgaming and brought to you by Games Global

● Guns N' Roses online slot machine. When playing this famous NetEnt slot, you will hear epic tracks, such as Sweet Child O' Mine, Chinese Democracy, November Rain, and Welcome to the Jungle

● Village People: Macho Moves online slot machine. In the Navy, Go West, and Y.M.C.A are the three main tunes you get to sing along to in this game, which was made by Microgaming, and brought to you by Games Global

● Terminator 2 online slot machine. This popular slot from Microgaming/Games Global features the iconic theme from the actual movie

Other examples include the Ozzy Osbourne online slot from NetEnt and several other thrash/heavy metal rock-band-themed slots from Play'n GO, such as House of Doom (1 and 2), Def Leppard: Hysteria, Twisted Sister, HammerFall, and Annihilator, to name a few.

Many of today's market-leading software providers have created their own unique background audio, a lot of which could easily feature in today's Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Take Games Global's Game of Thrones or Jurassic Park slots, and Blueprint Gaming's Goonies slots, all of which have some incredible music.


Without good background music, players are less likely to be able to make a connection with that game, and are less likely to play it again in the future. When playing slots with memorable, catchy, or exciting music, they are more likely to play the game in future.

The next time you play online slot machines at a licensed casino, remember to pay more attention to the music playing in the background and the accompanying sound effects. It may make you look at online slots in a completely different light.

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