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Giants’ ST coach Thomas McGaughey won’t talk about blocked field goal

“We’re on to Arizona”

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey wanted no part on Thursday of analyzing or assigning blame for the blocked field goal the Dallas Cowboys returned for a touchdown during Sunday’s 40-0 Dallas victory.

The play came on the first drive of the game and turned what could have been a 3-0 New York lead into a 6-0 deficit.

“They made a play,” McGaughey said. “We’re on to Arizona.

“We turned the page on that on Monday afternoon. Lot of different things we’d like to have back, that’s definitely one of them.”

Was there a miscommunication?

“I’ve turned the page on that,” McGaughey said. “I’m done with it. It’s over and we learn from it and we’ll get better.”

Did the line block the play incorrectly?

“Like I said, I’m done talking about it and we’re moving on to Arizona.”

The Cowboys said they had seen something on film. Does that concern you?

“Like I said, we watched it, we’ll learn from it, and we’ll move forward,” McGaughey said.