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Giants news, 8/3: New practice schedule, Tre Hawkins, Evan Neal, more

New York Giants headlines for Thursday

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Players enjoying revised practice schedule

The Giants have been employing a three days on, one day off practice schedule. Players like it.

“I think that’s a great regimen, honestly,” Leonard Williams said. “It keeps me at a high level of focus and intensity throughout camp, instead of when you’re in a long period of workdays. Those last few days before you get an off day you start to feel a little drained. But because he’s keeping us fresh every three days, it’s easier to come to work every day.”

“I feel the difference,” Mark Glowinski said. “In previous camps, you get in that wall after that third or fourth day and you can kinda start feeling it. You have to really, really prepare and warm yourself up to get to that next practice and move on from there.”

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Other Giant observations

Giants practice report: It’s time to start talking more about rookie CB Tre Hawkins - The Athletic

Dan Duggan has a point ... but we have already been talking about him quite a bit.

Evan Neal: The pads are on, so the NY Giants camp spotlight is now his

Well, yes. Along with John Michael Schmitz, Tre Hawkins, Deonte Banks, Daniel Jones, Jalin Hyatt, Saquon Barkley and several others.

Leonard Williams makes Giants big winner in trade with Jets

On the field, sure. But, the Williams trade was still an odd one.

Giants hoping offensive and defensive lines can rival Eagles'

“I think that starts up front, honestly,” said Thomas, who just signed a $117 million extension to protect quarterback Daniel Jones’ blind side through 2029. “If you watch a lot of Philly’s games last year, they dominated on both sides with their front.

“We close that gap being more dominant in the trenches [and] being able to protect D.J. to allow him to make the throws that he needs to. And, on the opposite side of the ball, our defenders putting pressure on the quarterback. I think that changes the outcomes of games.”

Giants' Saquon Barkley got underpaid: Rodney Hampton

“Right now we’re moving to a passing, fun offense, and, to me, they aren’t putting any value in running backs,’’ Hampton told Sports+. “But you still got people like Barkley and [Christian] McCaffrey and other guys putting up the numbers, and also they’re catching out of the backfield. It seems that should be an extra reward for them

“I know [for a lot of teams] it’s a running back by committee, but a certain guy like Barkley, McCaffrey, the other top five guys in the league, they’re special individuals, so they shouldn’t be shorted. I just hope they get it right.’’

Ranking 14 NFL playoff teams by chances of return in 2023 - ESPN

13. New York Giants

Why they're No. 13: Their formula isn't sustainable.

The Giants won nine games last season. Two of those came against playoff teams: a 4-point victory over the Ravens and a 6-point win over the Jaguars in consecutive weeks. Both required fourth-quarter comebacks, something that was a constant in New York's games. Like the Vikings, the Giants thrived in the fourth quarter; they were below-average by win expectancy in quarters one through three and the second-best team in football by the same metric in the fourth quarter.

On offense, the Giants survived by protecting the football. They posted the league's best turnover rate, a metric that almost always regresses toward the mean the following season, taking their team's record down toward .500 in the process. Coach Brian Daboll got full seasons of Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, neither of whom had played a complete campaign during their three prior seasons together. Daboll got the best out of his new charges, but we've seen plenty of offensive wizards fizzle in their second seasons as coaches after surprising marches to the playoffs in Year 1, with Adam Gase and Matt Nagy as notably disappointing examples.

The Giants got resurgent seasons from Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley last season. Can they be stars again? Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Unlike the Vikings, the Giants are stuck in a division in which two teams clearly project to be better. The Cowboys and Eagles beat them five times last season, by a combined score of 159-81. Both project to be far ahead of New York this season. The Giants were able to thrive last season in key moments, like in the red zone and on third down, to sustain their defense and played keepaway on offense. It's tough to see that formula continuing.

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