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Giants news, 8/21: Aaron Rodgers, Jason Pinnock, more

New York Giants headlines for Monday

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Aaron Rodgers expected to start Saturday

The NFL will get its first in-game look at Aaron Rodgers as New York Jets quarterback on Saturday in the preseason finale against the Giants.

That will be a nice talking point all week in the run-up to the game. Honestly, though, it would seem unlikely to make any difference to the Giants. I’m sure we will ask head coach Brian Daboll about this, but it is doubtful the Giants will make any of their playing time plans for Saturday based Rodgers playing.

They will do what they believe is best for them. What that is, we will find out.

From Big Blue View

More Giant observations

Giants' Daniel Bellinger shows he can benefit from Darren Waller
There is a place on the Giants and together on the field for Daniel Bellinger and Darren Waller.

Giants' Jason Pinnock confident 'it's time' he breaks out

I’m one of the best safeties in this league, and it’s just I haven’t been able to show that yet, and now it’s time, you know?

Buccaneers claim Rodarius Williams off waivers - NBC Sports
Cornerback Rodarius Williams lost his job with the Giants on Saturday, but found a new place to play on Sunday.

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