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Giants’ notes: DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches ‘fortunate’ to escape car wreck unhurt

Nunez-Roches said both cars involved in recent accident were totaled

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Rakeem Nunez-Roches
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

New York Giants defensive tackle Rakeem Nunez-Roches said on Tuesday that both cars were totaled in the car accident he was involved in on the eve of training camp one week ago.

Nunez-Roches said the driver of the other vehicle failed to heed a ‘STOP’ sign, and he was fortunate to be able to stop quickly enough to avoid a head-on collision.

“Definitely was fortunate coming out of the situation, looking at the accident,” Nunez-Roches told media via Zoom. “It was definitely an eye-opener.

“At the same time, shoot, I’m in a car wreck every week at practice, so it wasn’t anything different. God blessed me to be safe, no bumps, bruises or broken anything, so it was all good.”

Nunez-Roches said he was on his way home from the Giants’ practice facility Tuesday evening to help put his children to bed when the accident occurred.

He said the accident “was literally less than five feet away from the facility.”

“I was coming through and I saw her [the other driver] approaching the STOP sign, which she was supposed to stop but as I’m looking at her I was like ‘she’s going way too fast, I don’t think she’s going to stop.’ I was able to apply the brake a couple seconds before she hit me. If I didn’t she was going to hit me straight-on.”

Nunez-Roches said his car spun in a circle, but that he was more frustrated than injured.

“I was heading home to help my wife put the kids down before bed check and I was just disappointed I wasn’t able to help. I knew I was going to have to go to the hospital, I knew I was going to have to do all these tests, so I was really more mad about that than the accident.”

Nunez-Roches, who went through concussion protocol, returned to practice in a red non-contact jersey on Sunday. He practiced without the non-contact jersey on Monday.

Daniel Bellinger on Darren Waller

Giants tight end Daniel Bellinger says new teammate Darren Waller is “a unicorn player” with “very unique abilities” who provides lots of “wow” moments on the field. After meeting Waller a year ago at Tight End U, Bellinger believes what Waller can teach off the field makes him even more special.

“Being able to actually talk and see how he views things off the field I think is the biggest eye-opener for me,” Bellinger, a second-year player, said. “He’s a very smart guy ... Being able to pick his brain off the field, I think, is what makes him the most unique.”

Bredeson hopes to be part of ‘best possible five’

Head coach Brian Daboll said competitions for spots will “be settled by the players.” Offensive lineman Ben Bredeson is competing for starting spots at center and left guard.

“I think that’s how football’s always been. We’re just looking for the best possible five guys out there in terms of an offensive line to go win some games,” Bredeson said.

Bredeson, who started eight games last season, has bounced between left guard and center.

“That’s always been a goal of mine is to be able to be versatile and play multiple positions,” Bredeson said. “That’s something I’ve always worked on and it’s what I’ve been doing since I came into the league.”