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Kadarius Toney keeps proving the Giants are better off without him

Talent or not, Toney’s immaturity wasn’t worth the trouble

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles
Kadarius Toney
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Kadarius Toney received a Super Bowl ring from the Kansas City Chiefs for last season.

Yes, Toney’s Super Bowl record punt return had something to do with the Chiefs’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in that Super Bowl.

Yes, Toney is an amazingly talented football player who could emerge as a breakout star in 2023 and perhaps be Kansas City’s best wide receiver.

And yes, GM Joe Schoen and the Giants were 100% right to ship him to Kansas City.

Every time the 24-year-old Toney takes to social media to rip the Giants or argue with fans he makes that obvious. You want to read or listen to some of what Toney has said and done it isn’t hard to find on social media. I’m not bothering to put it here.

I honestly don’t know if trading down in the 2021 draft and selecting Toney was then-GM Dave Gettleman’s idea, or if it was then-coach Joe Judge’s brainchild. I actually supported the move down once the Philadelphia Eagles stole DeVonta Smith. The Giants just drafted the wrong player.

That much was obvious from the first time Toney stepped on a practice field, ending up wearing one shoe part of the time and not finishing the practice. Not practicing, or playing, became Toney’s Giants trademark.

Whatever success has had or will have in Kansas City — or elsewhere — simply was not going to happen with the Giants.

From the moment he arrived in 2021, Judge and his staff spent week after week talking about how Toney needed to gain the respect and trust of his teammates and coaches. The fact that they were still talking about it at the end of Toney’s rookie season means it never happened.

Schoen and Brian Daboll inherited Toney, and tried to make it work. It obviously did not, with a once-again injury-plagued Toney barely ever making it to the practice or playing field.

When the Chiefs offered a third-round pick, the Giants said yes. They had to be thrilled to get a Day 2 selection, No. 100 in the draft, for a player who seemingly didn’t want to be there and they seemingly didn’t want around.

The Athletic says the Chiefs “have pushed all their chips in on Toney becoming their next star receiver.”

I say good luck with that. Maybe Kansas City, where Andy Reid is an established future Hall of Fame coach and the locker room was filled with champions before Toney showed up, is a place that can absorb Toney and get something approximating value from him.

In New York, where Schoen and Daboll were and still are trying to establish something that will last, Toney was a problem they didn’t need.

The Giants actually ended up flipping that third-round pick to the Las Vegas Raiders for tight end Darren Waller. Arif Hasan of Pro Football Network recently said that getting Waller for the Toney pick was “a definitive win” for the Giants.

I agree. Yes, Waller is injury-prone and seven years older. He is also a pro who has done all the right things and shows every sign of being a guy who will be dependable and professional, two things Toney was not.

There are Giants fans who will always look at whatever good things Toney accomplishes and believe he could have and should have been accomplishing them in New York.

I’m not sure which remarks Toney is trying to take back, but he is now claiming on Twitter that he got hacked.

All I know is the Giants are better off without him, and Toney isn’t worth wasting any more time on.