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Giants news, 7/10: Darnay Holmes, Tee Higgins, Pat Shurmur, more

New York Giants headlines for Monday

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

From Big Blue View

Other Giant observations

Darnay Holmes shares story behind viral London sideline video

“I knew I had a thigh bruise,” Holmes said. “Once it gets stiff, it’s over with. Your day’s over with. So I’m like ‘I can’t let it get stiff, man, it’s two-minute.’ I’m like, ‘Hey, J [the trainer], I need you to rub on my thigh. But I know this can go south — let’s go to the tent.’ He’s like ‘Nah, y’all ’bout to hit the field, man.

“Y’all about to hit the field.’ I’m like, ‘It is what it is at this point. Bet.’”

“We win the game, we celebrating, we on the plane … Our GM [Joe Schoen] and owner [John Mara] come up to me like ‘So that’s how you get it down?’”

Firework NFL Trade Ideas That Would Transform the League in 2023 | Bleacher Report

Would you give up a first-round pick and two third-round picks for wide receiver Tee Higgins?

Pat Shurmur joining Deion Sanders' staff at Colorado - NBC Sports

Former Giants head coach Pat Shurmur is back in football.

I normally wouldn’t post something like this, but it’s too enjoyable for me to leave it alone:

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