If I was Barkleys agent

I'd say fine. We will sign the franchise tag if you guarantee Saquon will get at least 70% of his snaps at wide receiver.

- Wide receivers make 2x the money

- wide receivers never have to get their face smashed by a defensive tackle

- Wide receivers never have an 8 man box

- Saquon is bigger, faster and has better hands than any receiver on the Giants

- Saquon has a 90 catch season

- Saquon can say let O'Dell pick up Micah Parsons blitzing in the backfield

- Saquon can say let Jefferson pick up 2 yards on 4th down over the middle at the end of the game in a blizzard

What's going on is not fair. Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be RBs.

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