Shopping for Success

I looked at Air Max 88's projected 53 man roster and even though I can't agree on every one of them, he's not far off. So based on what they already have I have to conclude that if this team matures properly from last year's performances and with the 2023 additions that have already been made, then I think Schoen has to give some serious consideration to go on a moderate FA signing trip and fill up the cart with some of the useful and accomplished vets who are still out there to shore up some positions of obvious need. This team iS or Could Be Ready to Win Now!

I would start that cart with Edge, Yannick Ngakoue. As a part time player, already familiar with Wink's style, playing along with the two young studs he could make a lot of noise, provide great depth in the rotation and may end up being a much needed and always useful, double digit sack guy.

In the Defensive backfield, I would enthusiastically bring back a very productive leader and mentor from the past. Last year, Logan Ryan was clearly a salary cap cut. This year, he's 32, still a very viable Strong Safety and on the street. A former Giant Captain, he would be a plug and play guy to once again pair with McKinney and to help in Belton's development. Character matters and Logan Ryan has Tons of It!

Linebacker may or may not still be a problem. I'd end that mystery and answer any questions by signing Myles Jack.

If he remains out there and can be gotten on the cheap, I'm pretty sure that OG Justin Pugh would come home to compete for at very least the job as a backup swing guard or to push Bredeson and/ or Glowinski for some time.

Finally, I like both Cager and Sweeney as the third TE, (Sweeney more than Cager) and as always, assuming that he is healthy I'm beating the drum for the Very Underrated TE Maxx Williams.

P.S. Don't Lose Landon Collins's number. He can be Very Useful in Multiple Defensive Sets, He's a Leader, He's a Winner and his presence just screams, " Once a Giant, Always a Giant!" Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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