NFL Cap space and void years ?

Here is a definition of void years that I found

"Void years are contract years on which the player will never play. They are placeholders for prorated signing bonus money, which can be assigned when the void years are created or created through a later contract restructure. Since a bonus can be prorated over a maximum of five seasons, the highest number of void years that can be added to a contract is five minus the number of years left on the contract the player is currently on.

Once a player reaches the void years portion of their contract and they are not re-signed to a new contract for that team, all the bonus money prorated onto the void years is accelerated to that year for cap purposes."

The Giants have 5 players on void years for 2024 and none after . The only player with extended void years is A’shawn Robinson (3) $ are minimal..The Eagles have 15 different players on void years from 2024 thru 2027 . OTC has void year $ are listed as dead money . In 2024 the Giants have 5 players all with 1 void year . That would equate to about $13.5 mil dead money in 2024 if none of these players were resigned .

The Eagles (in 2024) have 4 players with multiple void years . If the Eagles don’t resign those players all of the void years go towrds the cap as dead money in 2024 about $25 mil. Same thing for 2025 $ 35 mil dead money if not signed .

My question is to those who know the cap much better than I . Do the Eagles implode in latter years playing cap roulette ? Or is this the only way to keep this many top tier players on a roster ?

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