Sleeper of this Off Season

I saw the other day that some news origination or writer said Isaac Hodgins would be the sleeper player for the Giants this year. I didn't read the article and if I can find it again certainly will go back and read it.

BUT - in my opinion the sleeper move of this off season will be the signing of Parris Campbell. Putting his speed in the slot with Hyatt and Slayton on the outside, you are putting so much pressure on the other team's backfield it will be awesome.

For those who wanted Zay Flowers in the draft, I put it to you that we already had 2 guys that fit that type of receiver and with Campbell, we may be much better off.

Flowers - 5'9 - 175lb - 4.4 40

Campbell - 5'11+ - 208lb - 4.31 40 and 5 yrs of experience (no adjustment to the NFL speed needed)

AND with Wan'dale (who was probably the Zay Flowers of the previous draft) and the sure hand Sterling Shepard, I think we would have wasted a draft pick if Flowers was there and we took him. IMHO

Watch out for our "sleeper weapon" this year - Parris Campbell

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