RB market is in a downward spiral , will the giants stay with Barkley ?

looking for feedback on this . The only Top team in the NFL that went for a Top teir RB was 49’ers and their deal was very team friendly and can cut McCaffery at any time . They also have a top 3 NFL roster .

I know I have posted several times about increasing the cap space with Williams and Barkley . If the Giants are still in a rebuild and is less than 50/50 they will win 8 or 9 games , why not move from these 2 players , get draft capital , get close to 28 mil in cap space and fill the voids with a few 2 year deals ? Eagles let Sanders go and now have 4 RB’s Penny , Swift , Scott & for a total cap hit of $5.1 mil. ?? Giants have $3.2 mil in Brightwell Breida and Gray add Barkely and you are at $14 mil.

Looks like Vikings are considering cutting Cook !! 5 time PB RB and will go with Mattison @ RB .A Ekeler tried the trade route and nobody was interested . Both these player (IMHO) are better than Barkley . There are still FA available and with that amount of cap space the team could be as good or better without Barkley and Williams be adding 3-4 very good starting vets. Why let these contracts play out in a "rebuilding year"

looking @ OTC trading or letting these players go increases cap space to $32 mil . You could restructure Thomas’s contract and pick up 3-4 Fa this year that most likely make the team all around stronger .

Some FA available that would make the team better

  • Marcus Petters
  • Kareem Hunt
  • Anthony Barr
  • Ndamukong Suh

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