How does A Ekeler’s 1 year adjustment in pay effects how barkley gets paid ?

Over the last 4 years Ekeler has been very good , not a 1,000 yd rusher , but he makes up for that in pass catching . Total YScm last 2 years 1,500 + with 20 & 18 nTD’s respectively .Hers is his comments from a pod cast back in March , so looks like no one was ready to trade for him or Chargers want too much draft value for him . He will get his $6.25 mil salary and $1.75 mil in insentives , i have read it could be as much as $9.25 mil if all incentives are reached . Still way under the tag # barkley will get .

"In March, it was widely reported that Ekeler requested permission to seek a trade, which the Chargers granted after both sides failed to reach an agreement on a new contract. He spoke out on the podcast "Green Light with Chris Long," at the time and said he was "underpaid" and "relentlessly pursuing someone who wants me."

He later said during a radio interview that he felt "disrespected" by the organization after failed negotiations.

"I kind of got punched in the face when the Chargers basically said, ‘Hey, we don’t want to talk about extensions anymore,’" he told SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio in April.

"This is the organization that I’ve continued to rise and hit new heights in and continue to add more value… so, that’s how it felt, right? It felt like, ‘Wow, this is the first time in my career with them that I felt disrespected by my own organization.’"

Ekeler led the league last season with 18 scrimmage touchdowns and has scored an NFL-high 38 touchdowns over the last two seasons. He expressed his desire to remain with the Chargers but added that he was prepped to hit the free agency market at the end of this upcoming season.

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