Why Barkley is not needed to get to the SB and win it !

If you look at it from a pure businees stance , the Giants would be better off getting a second round pick for Saquon and saving the $ 10 mil . If you look at teams that have won the SB , one thing stands out , having a 1st round RB dosn’t matter in the new age of FB. Out of 57 SB seven RB’s were MVP six of them all before 1995 and (1) Terrell Davis 1998 (rd 6th pick in the draft) . RB has been on the decline , the Giants were very competiive with Tiki but lost SB ( his rookie year ) and then lost 3 WC games during his tenor . Afte he retired the Giants won 2 SB in 5 years . Just saying

I think due to the culture that the giants want in the locker room they will keep Saquon but this will be the last TOP RB pick and none un Schoen . Go after the francise QB and surrond them with fast recievers , great TE and RB’s that can catch and run out of the backfield

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