Scheming Plays for Hyatt

Daboll and Kafka have 2 shiny new toys to play with in Waller and Hyatt on the offensive side of the ball. How could the Giants use Hyatt in generating more plays down the field, and open up space for Waller?

Jalin Hyatt

Hyatt ran a ton of deep routes for Tennessee in 2022. The Volunteers ran a unique offense that featured massive WR splits, using 2 and sometimes 3 WRs aligned outside the numbers. Hyatt ran almost exclusively Posts, Deep Overs, Go Routes, Fades, Flags and Hitches. This created a lot of open space and stressed the secondary significantly, as evidenced by Hyatt's 5 TDs against Alabama.. Hyatt only saw 36 snaps of press coverage, and the rap against him is that he didn't (therefore "can't") run the full route tree. Giants fans will find out soon enough whether Hyatt can run the full tree, but in the meantime, how can Daboll and Kafka exploit what Hyatt can do until he learns how to run all the routes in an offense?

Deep Over Route

Kafka came from the Kansas City offense, and Deep over routes are what make that offense so explosive. I believe that to some degree, the Giants' staff fell in love with Hyatt because of his speed, his ability to create space on deep routes, and his ability to track the ball. Kafka has likely been yearning for a receiver to run Tyreek Hill's routes, and Hyatt may be Kafka's Cheetah.

So what is a "Deep Over"?

Deep Over routes are a hybrid of a Post Route and Deep Cross.

On deep over routes, the WR is crossing the face of the Free Safety and trying to get behind the CB. Hyatt know this route well. Against 2 Deep coverages, the deep over route will split the Safeties.

Vs Man Coverage, the slot will have a very difficult task chasing Hyatt across the field.

Let's look at some concepts

Dagger Concept

Dagger has an inside WR run a Deep over to open up the dig route to the outside WR. Another receiver runs a short hook or cross to create a 3 level stretch (In Red). Hyatt is looking to pull the FS with him.

On this play, the deep over also has a secondary read - the QB can read it weak as well (in blue). I can see the weakside read being used extensively with Waller as the mid-level receiver and Barkley in the flat. If the CB sits on the hook by Waller, Jones can throw the ball to Hyatt over his head.

Wasp Concept

Wasp is the counter to dagger, and created a big play to Tyreek Hill in the Super Bowl. If Kafka sees the CB chasing the WR on the dig route, Wasp can be called, throwing to Hyatt on a Corner route behind the CB. Hyatt needs to sell the deep over to make this work. In man coverage, the nickel or safety will have a rough time covering a double move with a ton of space to the sideline.

Weakside Flood

The Chiefs like to use Kelce as the lone receiver in a compressed split to the single receiver side. Given Kafka's experience, expect to see the Giants do likewise with Waller. The Giants can call a tagged route - Out, Dig, or Hook, and if the CB sits on Waller, Jones can throw the ball to Hyatt over his head. This could also be tagged as a "Choice" route for Waller, giving him the option to break away from the CB's leverage.

Spear Concept

Spear is similar to "Y Cross" except it has 2 WRs blowing the lid off the coverage, opening up Waller on the Deep Cross