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Giants’ draft day trades detailed in video

We learn that the Giants had John Michael Schmitz and Jalin Hyatt targeted at No. 57, and ended up with both

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The latest edition of “Giants Life: The Process,” which you can watch in full on the New York Giants YouTube channel, provides fascinating and insightful information about the Giants’ process in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Here is a snippet of the action that happened in Round 1:

The Giants, with pick No. 25. actually began trying to move up when the Los Angeles Chargers were on the clock at No. 21.

Before the Baltimore Ravens picked at No. 22, Schoen told Brian Daboll “the problem is I think Baltimore may take the corner.” Which had to be Deonte Banks, whom the Giants selected after trading up to No. 24.

Schoen had previously admitted when Banks was still on the board after the Minnesota Vikings tool wide receiver Jordan Addison at No. 23 that he feared someone would move up. In the video, he admits to Daboll that “I’m worried [Brandon] Beane [Buffalo Bills] or Kansas City” moving up to select Banks.

To move up to No. 24 in a swap with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Schoen is heard telling Jaguars GM Trent Baalke “you’ve got my word, it’s defense” that the Giants wanted with the 24th pick.

The Round 2 insight is even more revealing, showing that with one pick to go before they were on the clock the Giants were set on either center John Michael Schmitz or wide receiver Jalin Hyatt at No. 57. They, of course, ended up with both as Schmitz was the choice at 57 and they traded up to get Hyatt at No. 73 in Round 3.

The Giants got nervous when the Chicago Bears traded up to No. 56, with Schoen’s NSFW response bleeped out.

“We’re getting one of the two, so f—k it,” Daboll said when the Bears’ move was announced. “Either way it’ll help us. One’s fast, the other could start at center.”

The Bears took cornerback Tyrique Stevenson, who was not on the Giants’ radar at that point.

The Giants took Schmitz and then made the move up for Hyatt.

“He was sticking out a little bit like a sore thumb,” Schoen said, admitting that the Giants started making calls at pick No. 69 (Houston Texans) to move up for Hyatt.