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Film study: What you need to know about NYG rookie center John Michael Schmitz

What can Schmitz off the Giants’ offense?

Minnesota v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The New York Giants stayed patient in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft and were rewarded because Minnesota center John Michael Schmitz was available for them at pick No. 57. Offensive line coach Bobby Johnson gets a 24-year-old rookie to anchor his line.

John Michael Schmitz is a high-floor technician with efficient footwork, strong grip strength, and the mentality of my bulldog when the mailman is outside. He finishes blocks, and he will embody the mantra of smart, tough, and dependable.

He started 35 of 57 games for the Minnesota Golden Gophers and was their team captain. P.J. Fleck - the Golden Gophers head coach - called the center his best player who is also “the team’s hardest worker.” His lunch-pale blue-collar mentality is evident on tape as well.

There weren’t many glaring weaknesses on his tape. He struggled against Wisconsin’s Keeanu Benton, who is a quick penetrator with heavy hands. Schmitz was forced off-balance more than usual against Wisconsin, but it wasn’t a prevalent issue throughout his tape.

He was my number one center in the class. I appreciate his feet, how he uses leverage to his advantage, his play strength, and his active hands. Here’s his film: