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NFL Draft results 2023: Live blog, trades, updates, picks, and more

Follow along with up-to-the-minute updates here on Big Blue View

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Put the mock drafts away. Finish up the pizza delivery order. The 2023 NFL Draft begins Thursday at 8 p.m. with even more mystery than usual surrounding where the top prospects will end up.

It’s a long wait until the New York Giants’ selection at No. 25, but there will be plenty of excitement before then. Is Bryce Young a lock to go No. 1 overall? Is C.J. Stroud actually falling down the board?

This post will be updated throughout the night with live reactions and analysis. Stay with us as the draft unfolds, and use the comment section below to give us your thoughts on how things shake up.

Live Updates

[11:45 p.m.] Isn’t there some kind of roster cap on defensive linemen? The Eagles pair Nolan Smith with Jalen Carter, adding to a pass rush that already helped pave the way for a Super Bowl berth. Please draft a center tomorrow Joe Schoen.

[11:29 p.m.] Miles Murphy heads to the Bengals as the first round wraps up. We’ve still got one more Eagles selection to suffer through, though. God help us all if they take another defensive lineman, because this feels like the sweet spot for some of them.

[11:17] All four NFC East teams go defense in the first round, as defensive tackle Mazi Smith goes to the Dallas Cowboys. He was a strong pass rusher as a nose tackle at Michigan and has all the power his 6-foot-3, 323-pound frame suggests.

[11:11 p.m.]

[11:05 p.m.] Here’s what BBV’s Chris Pflum had to say in his prospect profile of Deonte Banks:

Teams that heavily prioritize taking the ball away would likely look elsewhere. However, Banks’ blend of size and athleticism should allow him to match up with almost any receiver in the NFL. He has the oily hips to stay with particularly agile receivers, enough size to not be bullied by bigger receivers, and enough speed to stay with all but the faster receivers down the field.

Banks will need to work on his hand technique to avoid defensive pass interference calls, and his tackling form to avoid giving up yards after contact. However, he has the potential to be a good starting cornerback early in his career – if not immediately upon entering the NFL.

Grade: 7.5

Dane Brugler of The Athletic has Banks ranked as the No. 4 cornerback and No. 27 prospect overall. He can only be better than the last two first-round Giants corners...

[11:03 p.m.] With the No. 24 overall selection, the New York Giants select cornerback Deonte Banks out of Maryland! More to follow.

[11:02 p.m.] Now is REALLY not the time for a commercial break, NFL Network!

[10:59 p.m.] We have our first Giants trade! Just an itty bitty one, but it’s still a trade. New York moves up one spot in a swap with the Jacksonville Jaguars while sending over a fifth and seventh rounder.

[10:58 p.m.] The Vikings let the clock tick down to the end and grab Jordan Addison off the board. Four receivers in a row, right before the Giants. Maybe we’ll find out later if Joe Schoen made an attempt to trade up.

Minnesota passes on Will Levis, meaning he’ll probably have to wait til Round 2 to hear his name called. ESPN’s projections had him with 92% odds to in the top 10.

[10:49 p.m.] And Zay Flowers is gone too, this one to the Ravens. Jordan Addison is still there, along with cornerbacks Deonte Banks and Joey Porter Jr. At least one of them will be available for the Giants.

[10:38 p.m.] The next wide receiver goes right away: Quentin Johnston to the Chargers. By the way, you can check out Johnston and the rest of Big Blue View’s prospect profiles here.

[10:30 p.m.] The Seattle Seahawks take Jaxon Smith-Njigba at No. 20. If he ends up as a true No. 1 wideout, Seattle will have one of the league’s best receiving corps. There was never really a realistic chance of him falling to No. 25. The question now is if this is the start of a run at wide receiver.

[10:24 p.m.] The Tampa Bay Buccaneers surprisingly go defense with lineman Calijah Kancey. Still no wide receivers. If they come off the board, it’ll be in the next few picks, but things are looking good for the Giants if they have one in mind.

[10:17 p.m.] The picks are coming in lightning-quick, which is not good for my sore fingers. Linebacker Jack Campbell, once a popular mock to the Giants, is a Detroit Lion. Campbell and Gibbs feel like a lackluster haul for two first-round picks, but we’ll see if it pans out. They’re both high-floor prospects.

[10:09 p.m.] There goes another corner. Christian Gonzalez lasted longer than anticipated and heads to New England at No. 17. The Athletic’s Dane Brugler has him ranked as the No. 5 prospect overall based on his elite man-to-man coverage skills and lanky size. Looks like the Pats will be riding with Mac Jones at quarterback.

[10:08 p.m.] We’re halfway through the NFC East picks, and once again it’s not great news. Emmanuel Forbes, the cornerback some hoped might fall to the Giants at No. 25, will instead be wearing red in Washington. Christian Gonzalez is still there with a couple of other strong prospects, but we’ll see who remains 10 picks later.

[9:58 p.m.] The other New York team takes edge defender Will McDonald IV, trying to fill what’s arguably their biggest need. McDonald wasn’t expected to go this high with some other defensive lineman still on the board, but the Jets have been hitting on their draft picks lately outside of Zach Wilson.

They had to move down from No. 13 and potentially missed out on an offensive lineman, but it was kinda worth it:

[9:50 p.m.] The Steelers trade with the Patriots to move up to No. 14 (meaning the Patriots might not be targeting a quarterback). They jump over the Jets to take Broderick Jones, the last of the top-ranked offensive lineman.

[9:42 p.m.] As hilarious as it would have been to change course, the Packers are still drafting defense in the first round. Edge defender Lukas Van Ness out of Iowa is a bit of a work in progress but he has tons of upside. The Athletic has him ranked as the No, 3 edge rusher.

[9:39 p.m.] I’m gonna need a 20 minute laughter break if the Packers finally take a first-round receiver now that Aaron Rodgers is gone.

[9:38 p.m.] “Don’t draft a running back in the first round” — well, NFL teams don’t seem to be listening. The Detroit Lions select Jahmyr Gibbs out of Alabama, even with some other holes on their roster. Gibbs is a threat in the passing game, and a few analysts even had him ranked over Bijan Robinson (though that always felt like a cry for attention).

[9:32 p.m.] The next offensive lineman is off the board to the Titans at No. 11. Peter Skronski played tackle at Northwestern, but his lack of size could force him to move inside. Either way, he’s a proven NFL-ready starter.

[9:27 p.m.] The Bears moved down to take OT Darnell Wright. He wasn’t expected to go quite this high, but the Bears must have been attracted to his standout raw power. He could be a good addition to an offensive line that is suddenly not as terrible as it was just a couple of years ago.

[9:18 p.m.] The Philadelphia Eagles just added Jalen Carter to the best pass rushing group in football. He’s by far the best defensive tackle in the class, and Dane Brugler of The Athletic has him ranked as the No. 3 prospect overall. There are some character concerns, but Daniel Jones is in for some serious pain if Carter reaches his ceiling.

[9:14 p.m.] The Eagles and Bears have swapped picks No. 9 and No. 10, with the Eagles sending over a fourth-rounder. Close your eyes, Giants fans, because Jalen Carter is still there.

[9:12 p.m.] The pick hasn’t even been announced, but the entire media corps is already reporting Bijan Robinson to the Atlanta Falcons, making him the highest-drafted running back since Saquon Barkley. Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts. That’s scary if they can ever find a quarterback.

[9:10 p.m.] At this point it’s hard to believe a Raiders first-round pick will ever pan out, but edge defender Tyree Wilson has the power and overall physical traits to be an elite pass rusher. And the Raiders still need some identity on defense to replace Khalil Mack.

[8:59 p.m.] So the draft pick from the Matthew Stafford trade ends up sending tackle Paris Johnson Jr. to the Arizona Cardinals. He’s the consensus best OL in this draft who has drawn comparisons to Andrew Thomas. Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort has played the board masterfully, with Ian Rappaport reporting that he would have taken Johnson Jr. at No. 3.

[8:54 p.m.]

[8:50 p.m.] Devon Witherspoon is off the board at No. 5, making it a bit less likely that a top cornerback prospect will be around for the Giants at No. 25. It’s possible this pick was a slight reach, but if Witherspoon lives up to the hype he could form an elite young duo with Tariq Woolen.

[8:42 p.m.] It’s supposed to be a weak quarterback class, but we have three of them gone in the first four picks. Anthony Richardson is an Indianapolis Colt. A far cry from the pure pocket passers of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, Richardson might be the best athlete in the class. Some feel he needs time to develop, but he’ll have strong coaching and a strong run game to support him.

[8:32 p.m.] The Texans are back! Good work by the best football team in the state of Texas. Houston trades with the Cardinals to move up to No. 3 and draft edge defender Will Anderson Jr. Houston sends pick No. 12, their second-round pick, and a 2024 first and third-rounder.

[8:28 p.m.] All the predraft buzz about the Texans trading out or C.J. Stroud falling down the board was nonsense (which I think most of us realized). The Texans stand pat and get their guy, and the two consensus top quarterback prospects are off the board. Stroud is the first Ohio State quarterback to be drafted in the Top 10 since 1982.

[8:19 p.m.] Bryce Young is the first overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft — size concerns, smokescreens, and suspicious Reddit posts be damned. Twelve years after drafting Cam Newton at No. 1, the Panthers look for another reset with another Heisman quarterback in a wide-open NFC South.

[8:07 p.m.] Every year I write some witty line about how fun it is to boo Roger Goodell, but at this point I just feel bad for the guy. But Kansas City is LOUD.

[7:57 p.m.] The draft hasn’t even started, and the Eagles are already involved in cheating! (Kidding. Kind of.) Actually, it’s the Cardinals who messed up and will be sending draft picks to Philadelphia to resolve a tampering concern.

Round 1 pick tracker

No. 1 — Carolina Panthers - Bryce Young
No. 2 — Houston Texans - C.J. Stroud
No. 3 — Houston Texans (via Arizona Cardinals) - Will Anderson Jr.
No. 4 — Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Richardson
No. 5 — Seattle Seahawks - Devon Witherspoon
No. 6 — Arizona Cardinals (via Detroit Lions) - Paris Johnson Jr.
No. 7 — Las Vegas Raiders - Tyree Wilson
No. 8 — Atlanta Falcons - Bijan Robinson
No. 9 — Philadelphia Eagles (via Chicago Bears) - Jalen Carter
No. 10 — Chicago Bears (via Philadelphia Eagles) - Darnell Wright
No. 11 — Tennessee Titans - Peter Skoronski
No. 12 — Detroit Lions (via Arizona Cardinals) - Jahmyr Gibbs
No. 13 — Green Bay Packers - Lukas Van Ness
No. 14 — Pittsburgh Steelers (via New England Patriots) - Broderick Jones
No. 15 — New York Jets - Will McDonald IV
No. 16 — Washington Commanders - Emmanuel Forbes
No. 17 — New England Patriots (via Pittsburgh Steelers) - Christian Gonzalez.
No. 18 — Detroit Lions - Jack Campbell
No. 19 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Calijah Kancey
No. 20 — Seattle Seahawks - Jaxon Smith-Njigba
No. 21 — Los Angeles Chargers - Quentin Johnston
No. 22 — Baltimore Ravens - Zay Flowers
No. 23 — Minnesota Vikings - Jordan Addison
No. 24 — New York Giants (via Jacksonville Jaguars) - Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland
No. 25 — Buffalo Bills (via Jacksonville Jaguars) - Dalton Kincaid
No. 26 — Dallas Cowboys - Mazi Smith
No. 27 — Jacksonville Jaguars (via Buffalo Bills) - Anton Harrison
No. 28 — Cincinnati Bengals - Miles Murphy
No. 29 — New Orleans Saints - Bryan Bresee
No. 30 — Philadelphia Eagles - Nolan Smith
No. 31 — Kansas City Chiefs - Felix Anudike-Uzomah

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