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NFL Draft rumors: Giants looking to move up in Round 1?

Giants willing to move up for a potential difference-maker?

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Maybe New York Giants fans won’t have to wait through 24 picks to find out what Giants general manager Joe Schoen will do in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft. The New York Post is reporting that some league insiders believe the Giants are plotting to move up in Round 1.

League sources told The Post that they believe the Giants will actively pursue trading up by packaging some of their seven picks in the fourth round or later.

Or try to flip a pick for a veteran with contract flexibility who could play significant snaps at a position of need — like cornerback, safety or defensive tackle, sources said prior to Monday’s addition of run-stuffer A’Shawn Robinson to the line.

This draft provides a situation for the Giants where moving up in the first round could be the right move. The Giants have 10 picks, seven of those outside the top 100 and three in the draft’s final 20 selections. Ten draft picks would seem unlikely to make the 2023 53-man roster.

There is also the reality that if the Giants are targeting cornerback or wide receiver in Round 1, as many believe they are, the top tier of players at both positions could be off the board.

“We’ll see how the draft plays out,” Schoen said at his pre-draft press conference. “If there’s somebody we want to move up for we have some extra draft capital to do that. If we want to move back and collect some, we can do that, too.”

So, stay tuned on Thursday night, Giants fans. If the Post is right, things could get interesting.