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2023 Big Blue View NFL Draft Big Board: How we rank the players

It must be draft week, because the 2023 BBV Big Board is here!

Syndication: The Record Danielle Parhizkaran/ / USA TODAY NETWORK

The 2023 NFL Draft is almost here. A week from now we will know who the newest New York Giants will be, and get a much better idea of what the Giants will look like at the start of the 2023 season. To prepare for the upcoming draft, Nick Falato and I huddled up to build the official Big Blue View Big Board.

As usual, we use a 2-axis big board that groups prospects by position group and “neighborhood”. We also tried to group players on where we would roughly value them, not necessarily on where we feel they should — or will — be drafted.

Offensive big board

Defensive big board


  • Our big board only goes to the fourth round due to formatting concerns. Going much beyond that would make the board too small to be easily read.
  • We specifically included a “first-second” neighborhood because there are very rarely 32 players who carry “First Round” evaluations. This is a neighborhood for players who have concerns but for whom a first-round selection can be justified.
  • To backstop against our own inherent biases, we incorporated the Consensus Big Board provided by the Mock Draft Database. Interestingly, public consensus Big Board are often as good as any NFL team at assessing player upside. There’s an information gap between any given NFL team and those of us on the outside. With less data, any individual can’t make as accurate assessments as an individual team. However, group consensus is often more accurate than any individual can be, particularly when the individuals are impaired in some way.
  • We did deviate from the Consensus Big Board in a few cases in which we felt strongly, such as placing Adetomiwa Adeboware as our DL-2.