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The Giants don’t care what you think of Daniel Jones’ contract

‘All we care about is inside these walls’

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Joe Schoen
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The NFL world has reacted vociferously to the four-year, $160 million contract the New York Giants gave to quarterback Daniel Jones.

Jaquan Brisker of the Chicago Bears didn’t like it, calling Jones “trash.”

Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins didn’t like it, taking a shot at Jones’ passing ability.

Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys tweeted “Fuc# it I’m switching to Qb!

On WFAN Radio, Craig Carton (for whatever his opinion is, or isn’t, worth) said:

“Dude just got a buck 60 with a chance to go to $185-95 [million] with extra incentives,” Craig said. “He’s gonna have damn near $100 million of it guaranteed…and he threw 15 touchdown passes. That it messed up.

“And by the way, good for him.”

There are plenty of people hyperventilating on Twitter about Jones making more money than Lamar Jackson, who has been franchise tagged by the Baltimore Ravens for $32.416 million. Put ‘Daniel Jones Lamar Jackson’ in a Twitter search — if you dare — and see for yourself.

All I will say about that is, yes, Jackson is better than Jones. Yes, he should be paid more. From where I sit, the fact that he isn’t is Jackson’s own fault. So, yes, put me in the Mike Florio camp when it comes to Jackson. If he would have hired an agent, if he would actually negotiate with teams rather than issue a blanket insistence on a fully guaranteed contract, he would have had a deal with the Baltimore Ravens long ago. Or, at the very least, he would currently have teams lining up to talk with his agent rather than shunning him.

And, you know what? GM Joe Schoen and the Giants don’t care about any of the reaction.

“We can’t worry about what people are saying outside the building. All we care about is inside these walls,” Schoen said on Wednesday. “And we’ve got a very talented, experienced coaching staff and a very talented personnel staff, I believe. And what matters is what we think inside this building. That’s how we’re always going to make decisions. We’re not going to worry about the outside noise. And we’re going to be convicted in what we’re doing. It’s a well thought out process, and we’re happy with the decision that we made. And we’re happy to move forward with Daniel.”

The Giants think they can win with Jones, and if the price tag is shocking to some so be it.

“I’ve got a lot of belief in our staff and Daniel’s work ethic and their relationship that will continue to grow, and Daniel will continue to get better.,” Schoen said. “If he’s just at his floor right now, I’m really excited about what his ceiling is going to be.”