i think this my 3rd mock draft

  • NYG
    Kelee Ringo
    CB Georgia
  • NYG
    JL Skinner
    S Boise State
  • NYG
    Luke Wypler
    OC Ohio State
  • NYG
    Andrew Vorhees
    OG USC
  • NYG
    Byron Young
    EDGE Tennessee
  • NYG
    Garrett Williams
    CB Syracuse
  • NYG
    Cam Jones
    LB Indiana
  • NYG
    Malik Cunningham
    QB Louisville
    trade icon
  • NYG
    Bumper Pool
    LB Arkansas

  • this went different then i was expecting

  • Ringo i couldnt be happier with us getting....hes our starter across from Adoree
  • Skinner is going to play...year one....

  • upgraded

  • Vorhees...starting guard 2024...first rounder this year if not hurt during combine....still did over 30 225lb presses with one leg during combine after being hurt
  • Young....there to give our DEs a break..yet still get after that qb

  • Garrett Williams- could become a corner 2 in 2024...time for him to heal...learn...and get some reps (once healed of course) and possibly become full time starter when Adoree leaves
  • Cam Jones- i dont know much about him tbh...was ranked BPA at this point

  • Cunningham- back to qb .....TRADED 27's to move up top of the 7th for him
  • Bumper Pool- drafted him for his a kinebacker? no brainrt

  • ]

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