I would trade our #25 and #52 to move up for Levis if he drops and someone bites

I’m not a fan of DJ and didn’t agree with his contract. Schoen blew that whole negotiation and signing. Richardson is intriguing but his highlight tape seems to be a lot of running not passing? I haven’t decided if he’s worth trading for or nabe better than Levis. We can trade DJ and his great contract for a first round pick next year. Yeah right.

It won’t happen but if not Levis I would trade #25 for a first+ next year from a bad team to stockpile some picks and get my QB next year. Svhoen is so smart, has a lot of picks, got Waller?, he doesn’t need first rounders. I personally hate the thought of watching DJ for another two seasons. Just my opinion which I know won’t be popular but IMO DJ was a mistake. Time will tell but I’ve seen enough. My opinion of him didn’t change. Great guy, teammate etc?

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