Draft Slotting that Makes Sense

Looking at need, I see the Giants draft priorities as:

1. Center - The Giants don't have 1

2. CB - the Giants don't have a CB2 as far as I can tell. I'm pretty sure the Giants will draft 2.

3. WR - The receiver room looks improved, but there's no lead dog. A case can be made that Waller is their de-facto WR1. I see him having a monster year if he's healthy. From his time in KC, Kafka will know how to get the most out of a TE. Waller could go over 1000 yards. Get him for your fantasy team.

4. LB - We need another one with speed that can cover.

5. Interior DL - Need to add to the rotation.

Barring trades, I believe there are sweet spots for each position of need. Playing around with mock drafts, I'm seeing certain patterns.

Center: I see this as a round 2 Pick. I have a hard time taking any of them in the first round, but waiting until the 3rd is too risky to miss out on the top 3. A starting center is a must-have. The Giants also have a lot of young players under contract at IOL, and I don't think they will double down - it would mean somebody decent gets cut. I'd be happy with Schmitz, Tippman or Wypler. If Avila falls in their lap at 57, I'd run to the podium.

CB: I see this as either Round 1 if someone like Banks falls and all the WRs are gone or round 3. The CB class is very deep, and the Giants should be able to land a starter in the 3rd. I'm pretty sure the Giants will take another CB at some point on day 3.

WR: If Flowers, Johnston or Addison are available at 25, I think that WR will be the pick unless a stud at another position like Clancy falls in their lap.. Given the current receiver room, I don't see the value in drafting a WR in rounds 2-3-4 given the current receiver room. WR is either round 1, day 3 or not at all.

LB: Round 4-5. Still a position of need, and good ones can be had in the middle rounds. Coverage skills is a must-have.

IDL: Rounds 4-5-6. I can see the Giants taking 2 on day 3. You can't have too many DL in the rotation, and the priority is run stuffers.

Edge: This is a wild card, and the giants could take 1 on day 2 if they can't get a WR in round 1.

Safety: Given Love's departure, the question is whether or not the Giants are comfortable with what they have on the roster. Another wildcard

I can absolutely see the Giants trading up on day 2 using their surplus picks, but I don't want to project that. If there isn't a top WR or CB available at 25, I can see them trading down.

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