In the Pivot and More

For this season, I'm quite sure that the Giants will be drafting their future long- term center. It could be Tippman, Whpler or Schmitz and any one of them could or should end up starting. But just in case and assuming that they do get one of the top three, there is a chance that the draftee may require a bit of a learning curve or adjustment to the pro game, they do still have the versatile Ben Bredeson and I don't think signing Hassenauer would be a bad move at all. His last rating was better than either Gates or Feliciano's. Also, in round 4 either or both C/OG Patterson or Center Stromberg would be a steal.

I keep seeing that for the Giants purposes there may not be 25 first round worthy picks. But their Big Board once set might be showing some seriously good depth through rounds two and three. If so, then immediately trade down!.

Chicago might see someone sitting at #25 that has unexpectedly dropped and that they really feel strongly about, Send them #25 and a 5th rounder #172, for their 2 second rounders #51 and # 61 and the first pick in the third round, choice #64. This gives the Giants 6 of the first 128 picks. # 53 # 57 # 61 # 64 # 89 # 128

Then hope to draft some combination of LB Drew Sanders, CB Kelee Ringo, C JM Schmitz, LB Trenton Simpson, LB Jack Campbell, TE Luke Musgrave, C Joe Tippman, S Sydney Brown, WR Xavier Hutchinson, C Ricky Stromberg C/OG Jarrett Patterson

As we all know, this is fantasy/ recreation. The Current Pros running the ship have a pretty good idea about who is out there, who they want and most important, who they can actually get. Hopefully some of the names above will end up wearing and winning in blue for many years to come. Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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