Tyler Linderbaum 2023 Draft Center Comps

I hadn’t looked at any Linderbaum film until today. I was suitably impressed. Excellent movement skills, technique and above average power. I would have loved to see him in blue. He looked like a future pro bowler.

I think the closest comp is Schmitz. Linderbaum is more powerful, but Schmitz was as good or better in space and on the move. Overall, Linderbaum is superior to any of the centers in the 2023 draft. Going back and looking at Schmitz, he’s my guy in the draft. Schmitz’s movement and agility opens up the full playbook, and he can operate in any blocking scheme. He’s a plus player on the move. I’d love to see him pulling and leading Barkley on sweeps.

I don’t get some of the evaluations I’m seeing from so-called experts. The rap against Linderbaum was lack of power, but Linderbaum packed a serious punch.

I don’t see Schmitz, Tippman or Wypler as all pros right now, but any of them would be day 1 starters and will develop into top 10 centers.

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