Luke Wypler Evaluation

Game Film Reviewed: Ohio St vs Notre Dame

Run Blocking

Wypler is a competent in the run game. He has decent power and decent mobility. Ohio State was an inside zone and gap scheme offense and Wypler wasn’t asked to be active in space. Wypler doesn’t have Tippman’s strength or Schmitz’s mobility - I’d call him a blend of the 2. On a few occasions I saw him whiff on blocks, got driven into the backfield and got his feet tangled. These were infrequent occurrences, but I didn’t see them happen to Tippman or Schmitz. He’s definitely the 3rd best center, but in the run game, he will be a solid pro.

Pass Blocking

Wypler looks to be a solid pass blocker. Good footwork, good mobility, good punch. I didn’t see any bad pass blocking reps. Tippman looks like he handles bull rushers better, and Schmitz is more fluid. Again, Wypler will be a good pro, and I didn’t see any concerns pass blocking.


i have no problems with Wypler playing center for the Giants. I believe he is the 3rd best center, but I still see him as a day 1 starter for NY. In the Giants system, he will be strong on gap, duo and power blocking. In the limited reps I saw him operating in space, he’s fine, but Schmitz is better. athletically, Wypler and Tippman are pretty similar.

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